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Joseph M. Dwyer Director-producer-screenwriter Joseph M. Dwyer launched Flyboy Film Productions in order to spearhead the Shubian's Rift project.

Mr. Dwyer’s professional background includes 7 years in the Air Force as an Aircraft Commander Pilot on the KC-135 Stratotanker and is currently a Captain on the Boeing 737-700/800 for Delta Airlines, having been with the airline for over 20 years.  Mr. Dwyer also has substantial media experience directing, writing and producing.

His video production credits include The Gene & Julie Radio Show, the CBMS Historical Pageants, short film The Announcement, numerous interviews for einsiders.com., wedding videos, music recitals, Motivational Fitness Workout DVD and The Motivational Fitness TV program.  He has also collaborated with his good friend, James Cambas in writing the novelization to Shubian's Rift, soon to be published.

Mr. Dwyer's background includes years in the Air Force including time as a stratotanker pilot and he is currently a captain for Delta Airlines. Mr. Dwyer has also had substanial media experience directing, writing and producing.

Mr. Dwyer has procured the talents of the following collaborators:

Robert Brun, illustrator A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Robert Brun has been a professional illustrator since 1981. After several years as a part-time freelance illustrator and an employee of an advertising agency, he founded the Independent Pencil Company in 1986. His work can be seen at RobertBrun.com.

Mr. Brun has shown his work in galleries Boston, Atlanta, New Jersey, New Hampshire, California, as well as The Walsingham Gallery in Newburyport. His clients include Hewlett Packard, WGBH/Nova, and the Boston Aquarium. He has also taught painting and has clients who have commissioned landscapes and portraits.

Mr. Brun created the offical poster, and was Graphics and Production Illustrator for the production.

SRposter (30K)

Ellsworth Hall, composer


Ellsworth Hall creates music and sound effects for multimedia, film and video productions in addition to shooting and editing videos professionally. He holds a Certificate of Piano Study and Theory from the John Mason Evans Hasslinger Studio and a Visual and Performing Arts degree from the University of Maryland.

Soundtrack credits include music for Johns Hopkins Hospital, Princeton University, Cisco Systems, PHH, Diadem Productions and RW Communications. Features include Diadem Productions' Care of the State and Conrad Brooks' Jan-Gel, The Beast from the East.

Video production credits include videography and editing for BMHS, Inc., Eileen Gillan and Associates, and legendary cult film star Conrad Brooks. Available now is the trailer for Ellsworth's current Edwardian-era drama Beside the Manor Selby.

CPO (23K)

Ellsworth utilized the vibrant sounds of the Czech Philharmonic (recorded in Dvorak Hall, Prague) for the Shubian's Rift music soundtrack and will utilize them in his upcoming projects. Many thanks to Miroslav Vitous.

The company's production boasts a phenomenal actor roster including some of the southeast's leading theatrical stars:

Sid Shubian - Tom Grandpre

Rudy Paine - Dale Lyles

Matt Compton - Jeff Allen

Mo O'Hara - Caroline Carr

Rachel Ashburn - Kelly Whisenhunt

Rox Reed - Bret Murray

Nathan Falls - Eric "Kiwi" Johnson

Eva Johnson - Jackie Johnson

Kyle Bryan - Michael Roach

Miranda "Macky" MacTavandish - Jennifer Dorrell

Diesel - Brian Mann

Marty Hall - Mark Davies

Shuttle Officer - Kris Berryer

Shuttle Passenger - Bob Mize 

Pullman - Joe Dwyer

Vaughn Brickman - Ellsworth Hall

Shuttlecraft Tech - Kevin Dwyer

Dr. Corduroy Ploo - Matthew Bailey

Dr. Raymin Sim - Melissa Bauer

Admiral Herndon - Bert Lyons

Jin - Stan Gentry

Fayu - Teresa Mendes

Mreney - Joey Cleary  

 Nama - Maureen "Mo" Dwyer

Riya - Marisa Tucker

Blykft - John Hrinko

Trelza - Dennis McMarr

Lexum - Elaina Weyl

Tuka D'Nuul - David Dorrell

Tuka D'Nuul's bridge crew -  Scott Cosby, Chris Davis, Todd Key

Rychek - Mark Davies

The Mystery Military Men - Rob Brun, Sam Bowers, Gerry McGruel,Stanley Bass, Mike Flagg, Tom Freeman, Bruno Gabrielli, Phil Ghyzel, Marty Miller

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