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Commencing with a sublimely apt quote from Henry IV, the production adroitly conveys the difficult decision-making process exacted by the rigors of command in the midst of escalating cultural tensions. 

The visual effects, sets and music serve the story; they do not detract from it. The enormous amount of effort involved in creating this epic is most evident inasmuch as this is an independent production without the benefit of a major studio's financial backing. 

The production is ambitious in its scope, yet pays attention to the character details which constitute in large part the motivations that fuel the conflicts. The actors bring these details to the fore; the physiognomy of the character Rudy Paine for example, is defined by his use of spectacles in a future era where they would only serve as an affectation. 

To quote Thomas Paine, Captain Shubian must "... make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." Would that most viewers take note of this verity. - Boulevard Denim

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Newnan Utilities Channel 7 NHS news segment - Includes interviews with director Dwyer and many cast members. 2006 Newnan Utilties.


All About The SouthPart One of an interview with director Joseph M. ("Joe") Dwyer

Part Two of an interview with director Dwyer


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Internet Movie Database - Shubian's Rift Ultimate Edition: User Comments

Updated September 12, 2009

Movie by Cowetan Using Local Actors Soon to Air on Television; Joe Dwyer's Shubian's Rift Compared With Star Trek

Published April 23, 2007 in Coweta Arts Tidbits

Local Movie Producer Joe Dwyer

Published April 2007 in 85 South / Out and About

31 years in making, locally-produced science fiction film includes local cast    

Published October 5, 2006 in The Times-Herald, Newnan GA


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Coming in the near future - the Shubian's Rift comic book! Special art and stories featuring the famous crew of the E.C.C. Journeyman. Not to mention all the amazing aliens from a solar system light years away.






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