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Ellsworth Hall: Shubian

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Shubian's Rift


The Center for Performing and Visual Arts

 The premiere was held at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, Newnan, GA on October 7, 2006 at 7 p.m.  The poster by Robert Brun was a feature both at the entrance and in the lobby.


The poster
Joe Dwyer interview

 Prior to the screening, director/producer Joseph M. Dwyer was interviewed for Newnan Now, a program of Newnan Utilities.


The Triumvirate

 Composer Ellsworth Hall, Director/Producer Dwyer, and Illustrator Robert Brun.


The cast onstage

 Director Dwyer introduced the cast to the audience. Ron Gironda of PMtv was there to document it.


The audience

 The audience was filling up the theatre during the live prologue.


Lee White of Newnan Utilities interviews Ellsworth Hall

 Lee White of Newnan Utilities interviewed Ellsworth Hall after the showing of the film.


The cake

 The amazing Shubian's Rift premiere night cake which was served at the cast party after the show. The party was held at nearby Newnan Community Theater.


PNblooparty (29K)

 Everyone prepares to watch the "blooper reel" (funny outtakes) at the cast party.


"Great sound, animation and overall story." - Mike Bauer

"...a solid sci-fi film...This is NO Plan 9 From Outer Space." - Michael Boylan, The Citizen.com

"It was beautifully done and I absolutely loved the music." - Melissa Saul

PNblooparty2 (29K)

 Chuck and Barb meet PMtv Executive Director Patty Gironda.


"I thought the story was imaginative and flowed well. The graphics were outstanding, too." - C. Scott Quick

"I am not usually into science-fiction, but I have to say I am so impressed with all the talent in this movie." - Mary Hall

"It was really great! ...now on to the sequel!" - Brenda Cadenhead

Newnan Utilities Channel 7 NHS news segment  - Taped before and after the premiere, it Includes interviews with director Dwyer and many cast members. 2006 Newnan Utilties.

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