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My name is Joe Dwyer and I'm the owner of this Independent Film Company.  The goal of Flyboy Film Productions® is to produce independent films that are truly independent, films that stand out from the others as being made from the heart for the audience for which it was intended.  Shubian's Rift has taken the lead to accomplish that goal.

What I wanted as a main ingredient in my films is story.  For a film's merit to be based on its story alone is what I strive for.  Independent films aren't supposed to be about how much money you throw at them, or how many brand name celebrities are involved, paying for it, or worst yet, in it.  It’s about the filmmaker having a vision that is conveyed accurately into the film with passion and love for the art.  I hope to have the audience finish watching my films with a sense that they were entertained in the purist sense-good story telling content with a strong foundation.

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Shubian's Rift
is my first full-length feature movie and we are currently working on the sequel. Concerning the sequel, we realized that after the completion of the first film that the story line would be best served as an episodic adventure, such as a television program. So the decision was made to divide the original film into three episodes, and to create the sequel in three episodes, as well. The sequel has been filmed and edited in this format. The first episode of the sequel entitled "Oh Captain. My Captain" is complete and, along with the first three episodes, is ready for your viewing pleasure on  I invite you to visit for much more information on those episodes and the upcoming ones.

These six episodes will complete the filmed version of the Shubian's Rift saga as a web-based mini-series. However, I wrote (with the help of friend, James Cambas) and published the first book in the series that covers the events seen in the original film (the first three episodes). The second book will cover the events in the sequel episodes. After that the subsequent books will continue the saga with even greater adventures.

Shubian's Rift is also showcased on our YouTube Channel. You'll have 4 videos to choose from. Thanks for watching.

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Scenes from the upcoming Flyboy Film Productions epic Lamp of Conscience.

"If you light the lamp of your conscience, measuring it by wise discernment, be sure that you will, in this way, find the lost drachma hidden in the dust of negligence.  

Then you will be able to summon all the powers of your soul to celebrate with joy the restoration in you of the image and likeness of God."
- Saint Nicephorus

A peace is of the nature of a conquest; for then both parties nobly are subdued, and neither party loser.
- William Shakespeare

He meets some fragments huge, and stops to guess
What powerful but unrecorded race
Once dwelt in that annihilated place.

Horace Smith

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