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1. Tie and Handkerchief

2. Saint Augustus
3. Hubris
4. Portal
5. Djibouti
6. Final Affinity

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Aethellis: Aethellis (remaster)
Published by Ellsounds
Released April 2008
catalog no. AML CD 30ar

The Aethellis album was listed from June 2003 through March 2004 in the Best Bands of the Week: "Indispensable work, highly recommendable..." - Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine

"The album is the rare stone overturned that reveals a bounty of new revelations." - The Music Street Journal

"The result of this debut was one magnificent work of symphonic rock that transmits an optimism beyond the common.....Very recommended and essential in your progressive library." - Descubre La Caja Pandora


1. Northumbria

2. The Awakening
3. Dire Need
4. The Penal Colony
5. Without A Sound
6. Celui Qui Soit La Bosse
7. Exchequer Prague
8. The Peace Path
9. Sounds Good

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Aethellis: Northumbria
Published by Ellsounds
Released December 2011
catalog no. MRR 13002

A departure in some ways from the style of the first album, Northumbria features dissonant pyrotechnical virtuoso displays tempered with subtle nuances and sweet vocal harmonies.


The album is in release on the Melodic Revolutions Records label.  Melodic Revolution Records

A Home In Your Thoughts

1. A Home In Your Thoughts / Second Home In Your Thoughts

2. Believe In Somebody
3. Janice
Aethellis: A Home In Your Thoughts
Published by Ellsounds
Released November 2017

By turns plaintive and inspiring, “A Home In Your Thoughts” is meditation on the persistence of overcoming obstacles, while the joyous, uplifting and powerful “Second Home In Your Thoughts” represents the fruition of that persistence with its multi-thematic epic structure.

“Believe In Somebody” is a punchy concise pop/rock offering with prog flourishes and more uplifting lyrics. This song received the Runner Up Award from the 2014 Song of the Year Contest.

“Janice,” tells the story of a divorced man attempting to reconcile with his ex, detailing his frustrations, yearning and ultimately his belief in the power of love. Add this to an infectious funky groove that spirals into prog territory in the latter half of the song which includes jazzy riffs and solos and concludes with a variation on the main riff but this time in 5/4 (which is hinted at earlier in the song).

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The album is in release on the Melodic Revolutions Records label.  Melodic Revolution Records
"Saint Augustus" video (2010)

Words and music by Ellsworth Hall.

The video version of the song "Saint Augustus" from the first eponymously titled Aethellis album. The video features Ellsworth Hall, Mark Van Natta, Chris and Erik Marks, and Mike Harrington.

Saint Augustus/Augustinus was the Bishop of Hippo (in Western North Africa, one of the regional councils along with Carthage and Rome) in the 4th and 5th centuries who witnessed Rome's collapse and watched the governing bodies wax and wane with astonishing rapidity. A Neoplatonist, he was struck by the corruption and commented, "Without justice, what is sovereignty but organised brigandage?"

The lyrics are written from the viewpoint of those who followed the Bishop and were questioning their place in the calamitous events.

"Djibouti" (live end section) video (2010)

Music by Ellsworth Hall.

The end section of the live version of the instrumental "Djibouti" from the first Aethellis album. Mark Van Natta takes a lead on guitar which is nothing like the studio version! The video also features Ellsworth Hall, Erik and Chris Marks.

"Dire Need" - Northumbria album promo video (2012)

Music by Ellsworth Hall

A medley of images featuring the 3rd track of the second Aethellis album, Northumbria featuring Ellsworth Hall, Mark Van Natta, Erik and Chris Marks, and Mike Harrington. Created by Nick Katona of Melodic Revolution Records (Aethells' record label).

"Northumbria" (excerpt)  (2013)

Words and music by Ellsworth Hall

This is a taste of the title track from the Northumbria album. The full length version clocks in at 10:56. The album features Ellsworth (keyboards / vocals / guitar) along with Mark Van Natta (guitars / vocals), Erik Marks (bass), Chris Marks (guitar), Joseph Dwyer (sax) and Mike Harrington (drums).

"Celui Qui Soit La Bosse" (live end section) video (2013)

The end section of the live version of the instrumental track from Aethellis' Northumbria album.

Music by Ellsworth Hall.
"The Awakening"  (2015)

Music by Ellsworth Hall and Mark Van Natta.

Video by Gerrit Marks.

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