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Mark Van Natta on guitar Mark Van Natta (guitar, vocals) performed with Baltimore legend Tim Fields for several years and later studied at Peabody Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. He is the founder of Affinity Music Library , providing stock and custom music for media clients. He is also a veteran of several bands in the Greater Baltimore area including Tailwind, Sabre and Logos Affinity.
Ellsworth on keyboards Ellsworth Hall (keyboards, vocals) received his classical training on piano and theory from the John M. E. Hasslinger Studio and has performed solo in California, New England and the Mid-Atlantic. He has performed in several bands including Tailwynde, Sabre, Logos Affinity, Urban Nomads, Dolly-Dagger and most recently Twelve Bars On Monday. Ellsworth also creates custom music and sound effects for multimedia, film and video projects. For samples go to
Erik Marks on bass Erik Marks (bass, vocals) attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he studied classical upright bass and trumpet in the early '80s. He also built the studio where Aethellis often rehearses and added such amenities as a vintage 1950s Coke machine. He has performed blues in Memphis, TN and played rock and funk in the Greater Baltimore area with Logos Affinity, Georgie Jessup, The Jaded Saints, The Forever Valentines and Global Warming among others. Erik currently also performs with The 8 Balls  and Twelve Bars On Monday.
Todd Van Gelder
Todd Van Gelder (drums, vocals) studied at the Berklee College of Music and also performs drums and vocals in Outta Scope, one of the hottest jazz-rock bands in the Washington D.C. area. He and Erik Marks met while both were members of The Dart Club band and Erik invited him to perform with Aethellis in the wake of Mike Harrington's departure.  Todd's uncle, was Rudy Van Gelder,  the famous jazz engineer who recorded many of the great names in the genre, including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, and Horace Silver.
Geoff HoldridgeGeoff Holdridge (electric viola, vocals) also performs in one of Todd's many other bands, Outta Scope, one of the hottest jazz-rock bands in the Washington D.C. area. Classically trained musician from age four, with 12 years of formal musical training and thirty years of professional experience, Geoff is versed in many styles, from blues and rock to country, jazz, old timey, and medieval. He also studied jazz theory and improvisation with John Mehegan and classical viola at Yale University.
Joe Dwyer with AethellisJoseph Dwyer (saxophone) performs with the band when available and contributed his soloing talents to the second album Northumbria and the new EP A Home In Your Thoughts. He is otherwise occupied as a pilot for Delta Airlines, saxophone instructor and owner/director/writer/editor of Flyboy Film Productions.
Mike Harrington on drumsMike Harrington (drums, vocals) was invited by Mark Van Natta to the "take the throne" in Fall 2004. Mike has been a long-time musical associate of Mark's since the early 1970s, performing with local Baltimore legend Tim Fields. He very much enjoyed playing in 15/8 meter but has moved with his family to Clearwater, Florida to begin a new chapter in his life.
Chris Marks on guitar Chris Marks (guitar, vocals) is a classically trained virtuoso guitarist and veteran of many Baltimore / D.C. bands including Cosmic Structure, Semolina Rice Band, The Kid Band, Logos Affinity, Hot Type, Chemical Man, The Source, and Dolly Dagger. He currently performs with Global Warming and 2nd Sole.
Jim Reid on drums
Jim Reid (drums) is a veteran of many Baltimore bands including Logos which  he co-founded with Chris and Erik  Marks in 1982. Jim shared the throne with Gerrit Marks at one of the earliest Aethellis gigs and performed again with the band several years later.
Gerrit Marks on percussion Gerrit Marks (drums, percussion, vocals) hails from the musically talented Marks family which includes Chris and Erik. Gerrit has performed with many a band including Hot Type and Global Warming. He has performed on drums and percussion with Aethellis. The vibraslap is one of his favorite instruments.
Joel App on drums Joel App (drums, vocals) was a member of the Wammy Award-winning band Ruthie and the Wranglers. Joel was Aethellis' very first drummer and later subbed for Mike Harrington in 2005.

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