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 Aethellis : Aethellis

"Hey guys, I love your sound and the tightness and production of your music." - Robert Berry of Hush, 3 (with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer), and Ambrosia

"The result of this debut was one magnificent work of symphonic rock that transmits an optimism beyond the common.....Very recommended and essential in your progressive library." - Descubre La Caja Pandora

"The album is the rare stone overturned that reveals a bounty of new revelations." - The Music Street Journal

The Aethellis album was listed from June '03 through March '04 in the Best Bands of the Week : "Indispensable work, highly recommendable..." - Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine

"8.6 / 10" -  Power Play Records

"The songs are very strong, catchy and still adventurous enough to keep you interested from start to finish." - Strutter Magazine

"...these melodies are sometimes more easy listening, sometimes more twisted but they always have an interesting progressive sound..."
- Music Extreme

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Lyrics and Credits page for both Aethellis albums

4/16/2024 Vince Vigliotti and (Aethellis) Friends

Bassist Erik Marks and keyboardist Ellsworth Hall joined guitar virtuoso and vocalist Vince Vigliotti at the North Carroll concert venue in Hampstead, MD. Vince subbed for Mark Van Natta at the Little Market Cafe concert venue last October. The Aethellis members return the favor by appearing with Vince at his monthly performances in Hampstead. Photos are on the Gigs page.

12/1/2023  New album released - The Affinity Oeuvre

The Affinity Oeuvre albumThe new Aethellis album The Affinity Oeuvre has been released on the Melodic Revolution Records label.

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"The latest Aethellis release differs from the previous three as the spotlight is on guitarist/vocalist Mark Van Natta, both compositionally and vocally."
"While it contains some prog elements, it spans other genres such as New Wave, Jazz-Fusion, Funk and Pop. 'RIP' for example is far from mainstream... which is rather dissonant, with fast and furious guitar work."  - Read the full review here.

The promo video of one track,
"Do Like I Do" is available on YouTube.

The band returned for its final performance in 2023 on October 13th at the Little Market Cafe concert venue in Ellicott City, MD where rock guitar virtuoso Vince Vigliotti ssubstituted for Mark Van Natta. 
See more info on the Gigs page.

8/18/2021  Aethellis'
digital download version of A Home In Your Thoughts is still available. A second printing of the CDs will ship soon.

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By turns plaintive and inspiring, “A Home In Your Thoughts” is meditation on the persistence of overcoming obstacles, while the joyous, uplifting and powerful “Second Home In Your Thoughts” represents the fruition of that persistence with its multi-thematic epic structure.

“Believe In Somebody” is a punchy concise pop/rock offering with prog flourishes and more uplifting lyrics. This song received the Runner Up Award from the 2014 Song of the Year Contest.

“Janice,” tells the story of a divorced man attempting to reconcile with his ex, detailing his frustrations, yearning and ultimately his belief in the power of love. Add this to an infectious funky groove that spirals into prog territory in the latter half of the song which includes jazzy riffs and solos and concludes with a variation on the main riff but this time in 5/4 (which is hinted at earlier in the song). 

3/12/2020   Aethellis' new video, "A Home In Your Thoughts," a song from the latest release of the same name.

10/4/2019  New review by The Progressive Aspect of
 A Home In Your Thoughts

"I’m not sure if it’s just me, or do you sometimes hanker after some classic sounding prog from new bands? I’m after a classic, long piece that offers room for improvisation, uses strong reoccurring melodies and has some emotional value to it. Well in this Baltimore based band I think I may have found what I’m looking for, or at least something akin to it." - Read the full review by John Wenlock-Smith.

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