The Delta Lovers

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The Delta Lovers

A novel by Jerry Lemonds

He was 140 miles south of the Main Island, Marianas Theater, North Pacific.
Zooming along at 14,000 feet.  Almost home.  Officer’s Mess, tonight: English-cut roast beef and garlic potatoes – his favorite.  Life was good!  I like pie, I like cake. . . .
    But then the cockpit radio crackled to life.
    “You’ve picked up a shadow, Johnny.  Two o’clock.  Johnny?”
    At the same moment, he spotted a flash of light coming off his wing.  A reflection?  Too big for a bird . . . and besides, there were no birds at this altitude.  What the hell . . .
     “You got a Zero at two o’clock, Johnny.  Looks like he’s lining up his gun-sights.  You better run for cover, hombre.”
       He turned his head . . . and then he saw them.  At least a dozen Jap Zeros were arcing out of a cloudbank, their engines screaming and the wing-mounted machine guns already opening up. 
    All at once, Johnny Andrews was fighting for his life.
    In a flash, his right hand went to the stick.  Yanked it.  Hard.  The wing rolled sharply to the left, hurling him into the gut-wrenching roller coaster of a full-throttle Split-S.  A moment later, he was flying upside down, after roaring through a Descending Half-Loop that would have earned him a court-martial in peacetime.
    No luck.
    They were still coming.
    “Johnny!” roared the voice on the radio, “you gotta get out of there!”

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The Lonely Paddler of the Missouri

Jerry Lemonds JERRY

He's a hiker, a camper, and a lifelong canoeing enthusiast. He's also a nationally recognized author who's published several recent books that celebrate the joys of all three pursuits.

After completing his 2003 autobiography (Timer: An American Story), the peripatetic Jerry Lemonds would go on to write two high-octane novels about his remarkable experiences as a long-distance canoe-pilot
(The Lonely Paddler of the Missouri) and as a U.S. Navy airman during the Korean War era (The Delta Lovers).

Born and raised on a cotton farm in small-town Missouri, Jerry Lemonds put himself through college and earned two graduate degrees . . . before spending the next 35 years running a series of federal and state
health and workers' compensation agencies. 
Working in more recent years as a successful management consultant and as a guide in the national "Volunteers In Parks" program, the adventure-loving Lemonds frequently wanders the country in his RV, and has so far visited 16 National Parks. 

Book chapters now available online  for browsing in PDF format:

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