Lonely Paddler of the Missouri

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The Lonely Paddler

of the Missouri

A novel by Jerry Lemonds

Riding the whitewater in a fragile canoe: It's a matter of life and death. One false move with your paddle, and you drown.


But Jim Clark - ex-college football star and struggling freelance magazine writer - doesn't intend to make any false moves. Why not? It's simple: He knows he can't afford them. Not on this assignment. Not with more than 2,500 miles of surging Missouri River boiling beneath his paddle...and not with a couple of rifle-toting assassins on his trail.

Clark's amazing quest: To paddle the entire 2,540-mile length of the Mighty Missouri (it's never been done before) in order to claim the $100,000 prize being offered to anyone who can accomplish the feat...by the nation's largest and most read outdoor magazine.

Better buckle up reader. There's going to be some major turbulence up ahead.

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Jerry Lemonds JERRY

He's a hiker, a camper, and a lifelong canoeing enthusiast. He's also a nationally recognized author who's published several recent books that celebrate the joys of all three pursuits.

After completing his 2003 autobiography (Timer: An American Story), the peripatetic Jerry Lemonds would go on to write two high-octane novels about his remarkable experiences as a long-distance canoe-pilot
(The Lonely Paddler of the Missouri) and as a U.S. Navy airman during the Korean War era (The Delta Lovers).

Born and raised on a cotton farm in small-town Missouri, Jerry Lemonds put himself through college and earned two graduate degrees . . . before spending the next 35 years running a series of federal and state
health and workers' compensation agencies. 
Working in more recent years as a successful management consultant and as a guide in the national "Volunteers In Parks" program, the adventure-loving Lemonds frequently wanders the country in his RV, and has so far visited 16 National Parks. 

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Lonely Paddler excerpt 1

Lonely Paddler excerpt 2