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Running Deer - Marine Vet

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Blackfoot and
Navajo Love

A novel by Jerry Lemonds

“Billy Deer Runs, a Blackfoot U.S. Marine Veteran from his Glacier National Park ranch, had dreamed and trained to become a Major League Baseball player. At Arizona State where he played college baseball, he met a beautiful mixed Navajo lady Arizona State basketball player. They fell in love. The path to the Baltimore Orioles Baseball Club was full of challenges, yet a beautiful love affair, great baseball and adventurous ranching and horseback races made this an exciting, page-turner book.”

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Jerry Lemonds JERRY

He's a hiker, a camper, and a lifelong canoeing enthusiast. He's also a nationally recognized author who's published several recent books that celebrate the joys of all three pursuits.

After completing his 2003 autobiography (Timer: An American Story), the peripatetic Jerry Lemonds would go on to write two high-octane novels about his remarkable experiences as a long-distance canoe-pilot
(The Lonely Paddler of the Missouri) and as a U.S. Navy airman during the Korean War era (The Delta Lovers).

Born and raised on a cotton farm in small-town Missouri, Jerry Lemonds put himself through college and earned two graduate degrees . . . before spending the next 35 years running a series of federal and state
health and workers' compensation agencies. 
Working in more recent years as a successful management consultant and as a guide in the national "Volunteers In Parks" program, the adventure-loving Lemonds frequently wanders the country in his RV, and has so far visited 16 National Parks.