About Us

Edward Warren as John Patmos
Producer Edward Hopf (at left with the late actress Janet Leigh) has as an impressive media background including camera work (for directors Dean Merriman's The Upper Room, and Fred Besche's Controlling a Spendaholic Administration); non-linear editing (for Conrad Brooks' Jan-Gel, the Beast from the East); as well as various acting and producer credits including Plimpton Van Ost  and Jan-Gel 2. He procured the talents of cult actors Conrad Brooks and George Stover for several productions including his own Grandparents From Outer Space.
Conrad Brooks and George Stover
Director/Composer Ellsworth Hall creates music and sound effects for multimedia, film and video productions in addition to shooting and editing videos professionally. He holds a Certificate of Piano Study and Theory from the John Mason Evans Hasslinger Studio and a Visual and Performing Arts degree from the University of Maryland.

Soundtrack credits include music for Stanion Studios (Bait and Switch TV series), Johns Hopkins Hospital, Princeton University, Cisco Systems, PHH, Diadem Productions and RW Communications. Features include Diadem Productions' Care of the State; Conrad Brooks' Jan-Gel, The Beast from the East; and Flyboy Film Productions' Shubian's Rift

Video production credits include videography and editing for Baltimore Mental Health Systems, Eileen Gillan and Associates, Maryland General Hospital's Center for Addiction Medicine, Universal Counseling Services and legendary cult film star Conrad Brooks.

Visit his website at ellsounds.com and hear music samples at his Soundcloud.com page.

Actor/Director/Producer Joseph M. Dwyer
Actor-Director-producer-screenwriter Joseph M. Dwyer ("Captain Vaushnic") launched Flyboy Film Productions in order to spearhead the Shubian's Rift project.  Mr. Dwyer also has substantial media experience directing, writing and producing.

His video production credits include The Gene & Julie Radio Show, the CBMS Historical Pageants, short film The Announcement, numerous interviews for einsiders.com., wedding videos, music recitals, Motivational Fitness Workout DVD and The Motivational Fitness TV program.

He has also collaborated with his good friend, James Cambas in writing the novelization to Shubian's Rift, which was recently published. Mr. Dwyer's background includes years in the Air Force including time as a stratotanker pilot and he is currently a captain for Delta Airlines.