The production's soundtrack music appears on Ellsworth's classical album Conversations with George Edgar Selby (album cover painting by Ellsworth pictured above).

The album is in two parts. The first part contains a newly orchestrated and recorded version of Ellsworth Hall's Piano Concerto No. 1. The second part features the movie soundtrack.

Ellsworth performs on a Steinway grand piano along with the vibrant sound of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Some reviews:

"Mr. Hall is most urgently aroused by such moods of longing and remote enchantment as find jeweled expression in Beside the Manor Selby for which he has written unforgetable music... At times his habit of artistic  speech tempt him to such outbursts of passionate lament as fill the movements of his Piano Concerto No.1 with so insupportable a poignancy. There is the driving rhythmic asymmetry of the opening movement; the decorative flourishes surrounding the resurfacing primary theme in the second;  the modal and jazzy harmonies of the third; and the adroit use of fortspinnung (along with recapitulations of a leitmotif from the second movement) in the fourth." - Boulevard Denim, critic at large

"There is light and darkness together with tension and release within the same track and if not, then with the next track... Parts of this album are simply stunning and well thought through – love it." -Russell Hammond

"A masterpiece here..." - Bruce at

"A masterpiece here..." - 


NEWS UPDATE 2/23/2018

Scenes shot with actors George Stover and Frank Ziegler for Beneath the Manor Selby

Conrad Brooks returned as The Gardner for the sequel before his passing in late 2017. George Stover appears in a scene with Conrad in the sequel.

The song "In Grief Unbound" awarded Semi-Finalist placement in the Song of the Year Contest.

Conversations with George Edgar SelbyThe song from Ellsworth Hall's solo CD Conversations with George Edgar Selby (and the soundtrack to the movie Beside the Manor Selby) was awarded Semi-Finalist placement in the Song of the Year Contest. The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.

Beside The Manor Selby
   is now available for viewing at and

Director Edition DVD now available

The DVD includes the trailer, music video and fully chaptered version of the film. The story takes place during World War I which was sparked 100 years ago by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. 

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Many thanks to Director Daniel Ragussis (HaberHaber) and The Great War Association for their contribution to the production.