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UPDATED 6/21/2017

Grimoire RPG Steam Greenlight

Ellsworth composed the MIDI music soundtrack for the RPG Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar back in the late 1990s. There were some format tweaks done in the early 2000s. Now the game is finally finished and will be released July 7th for the Steam game platform.

Ellsworth is currently working on the soundtrack album which will feature new orchestral reworkings of the original MIDI music. The soundtrack will be available on the Steam site.

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Poetry of the Air 

A new book on the inspiration for influential musicians has been released.

Poetry of the Air: A Collection of Love Letters to Music from Musicians by Gary Hill

The book features interviews with composer Ellsworth Hall along with Jon Anderson, Steve Hackett, Rick Wakeman, Jeff Berlin, Larry Fast, Jordan Rudess and many more!

Lamp of Conscience premiere 

Joseph M. Dwyer in Lamp of Conscience

Ellsworth co-scripted and scored this medieval drama having assisted director Edward Hopf with editing. The epic was produced by Joseph M. Dwyer for Flyboy Films Productions. The production also features cult actors Conrad Brooks (Ed Wood) and George Stover (Female Trouble). Lamp of Conscience had its March 12, 2016 premiere at the Enoch Pratt Library on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore after a screening of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Star Conrad Brooks was in attendance.

The revised DVD edition will be released in March 2017.

Ellsworth wrote in early 2016:

I just got word that my piano teacher of 12 years, John M.E. Hasslinger passed away on December 30, of 2015. I knew he'd not been well and made sure last October he got a copy of my latest CD which has my piano concerto dedicated to him.

John M.E. Hasslinger

The John M.E. Hasslinger Memorial Page

Melodic Revolution Records artist Ellsworth Hall receives the 2014 Outstanding Music Award from ZED FEST

Ellsworth received the award for his music for the short film, Love and Other Devices (written and directed by Elle Stanion). He also created sound effects for the production which is winning many other awards at various festivals including:

Best International Film - Canberra Film Festival
Best Short - Brigand Shorts Denver Film Festival
Outstanding Sci-Fi Short - Zed Film Festival

The film has also currently received 5 nominations from the London International Film Festival

Melodic Revolution Records artist Ellsworth Hall receives Semi-Finalist placement in VH1 2014 Song of the Year Contest

Ellsworth composed the song "In Grief Unbound" (from his solo CD Conversations with George Edgar Selby and the soundtrack to the movie Beside the Manor Selby). The song was awarded Semi-Finalist placement in the Song of the Year Contest. The 'Semi-Finalist' placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category.


Also, Ellsworth and Mark Van Natta received Runner Up Award from the 2014 Song of the Year Contest The song awarded is "Believe In Somebody," originally written and recorded in 1987.


Ells in his studio

Latest Video

Ellsworth Hall is an award-winning versatile composer creating soundtracks in a variety of styles for features, corporate videos, and computer games. 

He has an extensive background in music theory, music performance, and recording.

Ellsworth also produces videos, is involved in feature production, and is a songwriter/keyboardist/vocalist with his progressive rock band Aethellis

His most recent video production is the World War I  epic production
Beside the Manor Selby 
which he wrote, directed and scored.

Album Review

Conversations with George Edgar Selby music CD (includes the soundtrack)

On the Composer's Oeuvre

By Boulevard Denim

Ellsworth Hall occupies a peculiar place, entirely of his own creation, in the field of contemporary music.  He is a seeker after the realities of shadowy and dim illusions, an artist in grays and greens and subtle golds while still dabbling in opulent purples. Mr. Hall is of the "children of revelry," a weaver of dreams. For him, indeed, shadows and dreams are the invincible realities, and from them he derives a compelling music; music which serenely rebukes dissection.

That serenity, that innocence of intention, are indeed remarkable. After the plangent splendors, the torrential rhetoric of his earlier works, Mr. Hall's contemporary oeuvre, owing something of the subdued and elusive beauty of antique tapestries, addresses the spirit with a unique appeal.

His is music in which the emotion conveyed is the emotion of remembered rapture, the beauty, "the surviving beauty of gathered dreams;" seldom the emotion and beauty of that which is actual and present. Mr. Hall is most urgently aroused by such moods of longing and remote enchantment as find jeweled expression in Beside the Manor Selby for which he has written unforgetable music.

At times his habit of artistic  speech tempt him to such outbursts of passionate lament as fill the movements of his Piano Concerto No.1 with so insupportable a poignancy. There is the driving rhythmic asymmetry of the opening movement; the decorative flourishes surrounding the resurfacing primary theme in the second;  the modal and jazzy harmonies of the third; and the adroit use of fortspinnung (along with recapitulations of a leitmotif from the second movement) in the fourth.

Mr. Hall perceives his world with as rapt a gaze, with as complete an absorption in its emotional panorama, as the most vivid and declamatory of the moderns; but the issue of his understanding is certain veiled and continent intensity, an interior passion, a conviction implied rather than than declared. That is, finally, the peculiarity of his art.

Aethellis: Northumbria

Check out the latest Aethellis album featuring vocals and keyboards by Ellsworth!