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Some reviews of
 Aethellis : Aethellis

"Hey guys, I love your sound and the tightness and production of your music." - Robert Berry (Hush, 3, Ambrosia)

"The result of this debut was one magnificent work of symphonic rock that transmits an optimism beyond the common.....Very recommended and essential in your progressive library." - Descubre La Caja Pandora

"The album is the rare stone overturned that reveals a bounty of new revelations." - The Music Street Journal

The Aethellis album was listed from June '03 through March '04 in the Best Bands of the Week : "Indispensable work, highly recommendable..." - Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine

"8.6 / 10" -  Power Play Records

"The songs are very strong, catchy and still adventurous enough to keep you interested from start to finish." - Strutter Magazine

"...these melodies are sometimes more easy listening, sometimes more twisted but they always have an interesting progressive sound..."
- Music Extreme

Aethellis thrills listeners with its blend of catchy melodies, soaring vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental performances. It is vintage, yet modern, yet original progressive rock combining the soaring majesty of classic symphonic rock with a contemporary rhythmic feel in addition to funky guitar, pyrotechnical bass and drums.

The new album, Aethellis: Northumbria

"This is a great disc. Those that liked the first one should like this one, perhaps more so. It would also make an excellent introduction to a killer modern progressive rock act." - read the full track-by-track review at Music Street Journal

"Want to say to all of Aethellis your album is a 10/10 top on the pile piece of work!" - Honey For Your Ears (UK Internet Radio)

Northumbria is feeling , finesse, hard work, dedication and effort. It's an album with a soul that transcends time , is an intelligent, optimistic work ...
- Descubre la Caja de Pandora, July 2012 issue

On "Northumbria" Aethellis has captured the very essence of the original prog/rock pioneers who soldiered on to help shape the changing face of progressive rock as it edged into the 80s.... The album is highly recommended to fans to symphonic rock, neo-progressive, and fusion. And anyone with a healthy respect for keyboard driven prog/rock. - read the full review by Joseph Shingler at

The first album Aethellis : Aethellis 

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The first album has many influences including rock, classical, synth pop, funk, jazz and even hip-hop. This either represents wide tastes or an inability to focus (i.e. "eclectic").

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Lyrics and Credits page for both Aethellis albums

Eatmusic/Honey For Your Ears' featured Aethellis: Northumbria in Band of the Week November 2013 on the UK and USA web-based radio stations:

Monday 18th - The Awakening/Sounds Good/ Northumbria ( - Midnight UK Time 
Wednesday 20th - Northumbria/The Peace Path/Without A Sound
( 4pm - 8pm EST USA
Thursday 21st - Exchequer Prague/ Celui Qui Soit La Bosse/Northumbria
( 7pm - 9pm UK Time

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