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 Aethellis : Aethellis

"Hey guys, I love your sound and the tightness and production of your music." - Robert Berry of Hush, 3 (with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer), and Ambrosia

"The result of this debut was one magnificent work of symphonic rock that transmits an optimism beyond the common.....Very recommended and essential in your progressive library." - Descubre La Caja Pandora

"The album is the rare stone overturned that reveals a bounty of new revelations." - The Music Street Journal

The Aethellis album was listed from June '03 through March '04 in the Best Bands of the Week : "Indispensable work, highly recommendable..." - Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-Zine

"8.6 / 10" -  Power Play Records

"The songs are very strong, catchy and still adventurous enough to keep you interested from start to finish." - Strutter Magazine

"...these melodies are sometimes more easy listening, sometimes more twisted but they always have an interesting progressive sound..."
- Music Extreme

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Lyrics and Credits page for both Aethellis albums

If you like engaging, sophisticated progressive rock / jazz fusion, you can join the many listeners that Aethellis thrills with its blend of catchy melodies, soaring vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental performances. It is vintage, yet modern, yet original progressive rock and jazz fusion combining the soaring majesty of classic symphonic rock with a contemporary rhythmic feel in addition to funky guitar, pyrotechnical bass and drums.

10/24/2018  Aethellis hits the top of the charts at Number One Music!

"Sounds Good"  (from the Northumbria album) hit #1 on the Maryland Instrumental chart  for week 43 of 2018.

"Dire Need"  (from the Northumbria album) hit #1 on the Maryland Pop/Rock chart  for week 38 of 2018. It was also #13 nationally on the Pop/Rock chart .

"Celui Qui Soit La Bosse has hit #1 on the Maryland Funk chart several times, the latest for week 37 of 2018.

Other chart toppers:

"Djibouti"  (from the first album) hit #1 on the Maryland Jazz chart in Februrary 2018; "Without A Sound" and "Celui Qui Soit La Bosse (from Northumbria) both hit #1 on the Maryland Adult Contemporary and Funk charts, respectively,  in January 2018.

For week 51 of 2017, "Saint Augustus" (from the first album) was at #1 in the U.S. Progressive Rock chart.

Also on the Maryland Progressive Rock chart for the same week were "Saint Augustus" at #1, "Second Home In Your Thoughts" (from A Home In Your Thoughts) at #5, "The Peace Path" (from Northumbria) at #6, and "Northumbria (excerpt)" at #10.

Two tracks from the new release A Home In Your Thoughts hit #1 in the Maryland Pop/Rock chart as well: "Believe In Somebody" in week 48, and "Janice" in week 50.

And also in week 50 the title track "A Home In Your Thoughts" hit #1 in the Maryland Adult Contempary chart and #7 in the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart.

4/20/2018  Aethellis Releases CD version of
 A Home In Your Thoughts


US symphonic neo-prog band Aethellis returns with a smashing 3rd release. A Home In Your Thoughts is a brand new 3 track mini album, and is the  highly anticipated follow up to Northumbria the bands last album released in 2011. A Home In Your Thoughts was released worldwide as a digital only release on the Melodic Revolution Records label on November 17, 2017 and is now also avaiable as a CD.

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By turns plaintive and inspiring, “A Home In Your Thoughts” is meditation on the persistence of overcoming obstacles, while the joyous, uplifting and powerful “Second Home In Your Thoughts” represents the fruition of that persistence with its multi-thematic epic structure.

“Believe In Somebody” is a punchy concise pop/rock offering with prog flourishes and more uplifting lyrics. This song received the Runner Up Award from the 2014 Song of the Year Contest.

“Janice,” tells the story of a divorced man attempting to reconcile with his ex, detailing his frustrations, yearning and ultimately his belief in the power of love. Add this to an infectious funky groove that spirals into prog territory in the latter half of the song which includes jazzy riffs and solos and concludes with a variation on the main riff but this time in 5/4 (which is hinted at earlier in the song).  

4/12/2018   Geoff Holdridge joins the band on electric viola and vocals

Todd Van Gelder has brought in his colleague from Outta Scope to perform with Aethellis as they prepare for a major concert event later this year. Geoff did his amazing solos at a performance with the band at Ashland Cafe in Cockeysville, MD on April 12, 2018.

The second album, Aethellis: Northumbria

"It's still all progressive rock, but there are a lot of variants on that general musical theme here... This is a great disc. Those that liked the first one should like this one, perhaps more so. It would also make an excellent introduction to a killer modern progressive rock act." - read the full track-by-track review at Music Street Journal

"Aethellis is a band that's kind of everywhere in their approach to symphonic rock, but there's always the constant of great songwriting. "Northumbria" is an album full of great melody and atmosphere with production that pleases the ear.  Not just pleasing, but memorable."- read the full review by Progulator at The Prog Archives

"Want to say to all of Aethellis your album is a 10/10 top on the pile piece of work!" - Honey For Your Ears (UK Internet Radio)

Northumbria is feeling , finesse, hard work, dedication and effort. It's an album with a soul that transcends time , is an intelligent, optimistic work ...
- Descubre la Caja de Pandora, July 2012 issue

On "Northumbria" Aethellis has captured the very essence of the original prog/rock pioneers who soldiered on to help shape the changing face of progressive rock as it edged into the 80s.... The album is highly recommended to fans to symphonic rock, neo-progressive, and fusion. And anyone with a healthy respect for keyboard driven prog/rock. - read the full review by Joseph Shingler at

... undoubted talent is clear from tracks like "The Peace Path" with its bouncy and sunny jazz/funk-meets-Yes vibe, and "Sounds Good," which could sit next to any of Brand X's more commerical-minded offerings. - Gary Mackenzie for Prog Magazine, issue #47 (July 2, 2014)

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